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Native American healing practices can be thought of as antiquated and of little modern use. But in this day of advanced scientific research methods and quest for more natural remedies for common ailments, there is growing evidence that the medical knowledge of early Native Americans is applicable to pharmacological research being conducted today. In looking at the Choctaw Indian tribe, one can understand the advanced medical knowledge of many Native American tribes, and how during times of early contact with settlers, the Choctaw’s medicinal knowledge was sought by white doctors. …

How does America solve the issue of older generations continually hogging positions of power within the halls of government? America’s founders desired that each generation would be free to practice self-determination. Thomas Paine who traveled, lived, and wrote some of the most influential works in both America and France during their respective revolutionary periods, simplified the rational and justness of each fight so that every person could understand the cause, and rebutted those that would seek to crush these revolutions. Through his works of Common Sense and Rights of Man, Thomas Paine laid out that every generation should be independent…

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Washington as Statesman at the Constitutional Convention, 1856 (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)

The United States Constitution is an amazing document, and is a combination of not just governmental structure but of philosophical development. As much as people may hate some of the Founding Fathers for various reasons, James Madison did an amazing job of codifying a system of government that was based upon some of the most influential philosophical thoughts of the day. The system set out in the United States Constitution has survived since 1788, but it is time to lock 100–200 more folks into a hot, sweaty building with no air conditioning and to create the American Constitution all over…

Voting in America has had a long and troubling history, which is why it is important that all citizens understand the pain and suffering that their predecessors endured to enable today’s citizens the liberty that they possess. If we can remember the struggle of those that went before us, hopefully we instill pride and purpose in participating in the many civic activities within this nation.

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Even though America was founded as a republic, the national government initially left the decision up to the states as to who was allowed to vote in an election. Many states made land ownership a…

Was the Civil War about States rights? Yes. Was the Civil War about slavery? Also yes, it was about a State’s right to allow slavery. Would the Civil War still occured if the practice of slavery was banned with at the writing of the US Constitution? Possible, but unlikely. The stain of slavery will never leave nor be forgotten within this country, but we should also remember with disdain the former Confederacy because they were traitors.

Very few people remember the struggle and agony that the United States went through to not only unify the 13 original colonies in their…

The United States is arguably one of the most powerful nations on earth, in terms of military, economic powerhouse, and cultural influence. A long history filled with warfare and technological advancements has helped to catapult this nation to that level. But in reaching the zenith of influence, we as a nation have decided to create a military and industrial system that calls for non-stop warfare and interventionism. …

John DeLee

Father, Husband, Current Graduate Student (American History), and former US Army Officer.

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